The Villa de la Mina

This was an entire town based around wining, dinning and mining. People of all different creeds have lived here but they all share one thing in common,

True Grit. 

A Far West Texas Ghostown in the heart of the Big Bend
         Owner is considering all offers, trades,
partnership options & partial owner financing at this time. 
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The Main House
3 Rooms 3 Baths 2 Fireplaces
Pools &
1 large Pool and a Smaller cool pool next to it.

As far as patios go, you couldn't ask for more. The amount of rock work done by hand out here is unparalleled in the area or anywhere else close by.

There are tons of rock staircases, rock patios, & many rock-walled building sites.
Blair's House
Blair Pittman was a Photo Journalist who retired in the Big Bend and this was the last residence he had down here before moving to Alpine to seek dr. care.
The Jail House
Water Resevoir
Exterior made of hand-made brick--crushed local rock made into bricks in an oven on-site.

Interior is smoothed Concrete.

Holds Enough water for about a year and was used for mining and living during the earlier 1900s-- prime-time--and then off and on since the 70s
The Mine
Rail Car tracks lead you into the entrance of the mine. there are two doors.

Behind the main door you will discover a long corridor that is easily walkable back to a main amphitheater room.

People have filmed movies in there and music videos.
Where the magic happened...the Ovens
No where else in the Big Bend will you find a mining operation to this extent.

Walkable mine, ovens, water reservoir (necessary for mining and refining), housing, hand made bricks, intact historical buildings, and tons of history.
Rock Storage Building
Recently used as construction storage, it is dried in by metal roofing and the interior is cement with rock walls and plywood doors. larger than it looks, about 15x40
Kitchen House
Built later on with inferior rock work. Yet its front room is a beautiful glass wrapped front room that overlooks the main house and the bandstand area.
the stage is raised above the ground with a fountain in front of it. On both sides of the stage are rock walls the rise about 25 ft with rock stair cases heading to other areas.
Misc Buildings
This image is of the side of the jail house
Building Sites
There are 7 terraced building sites, many with rock stair cases leading to them from the main road near the hotel.

Multiple levels, perfect for new constructions of more cabins.
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The Big Bend of Far West Texas



Tourism. The estimated 700,000 visitors to Big Bend this year will be in this remote area where there is not even close to enough lodging or dinning accommodations.



This is one of the most remote corners of the U.S. and therefore, supplies, albeit much faster than the early days with mule and burro, still take some time to make it out here by plane, train, and UPS.  Terlinguan residents enjoy close relationships with their UPS and Fedex drivers. 

Projected Growth



This year representatives came by and gave us their estimates that Terlingua will be the fastest growing tourist spot over the next 5 years in Texas.


There are quite a few maintained dirt runways scattered all over the immediate region and one paved one located 10 miles from the Villa.

Ground travel is best with 4wd and off-roading tires, and quite possibly a mechanic.  Think, Australian outposts, or Namibian Rock Resorts. 



Chihuahuan Desert is the classification of the entire area.  The Villa is part of what is known as the Mexican Highland and Intermontane Plateaus. 

Emergency Services

Helicopter Health Insurance ensures that you will get a quick and cheap flight to the closet hospital 100 miles away in alpine, or further if need be.  

The Terlingua Fire and Emergency Medical System(TFEMS) is extremely trained to handle this terrain and the types of injuries that tend to occur out in the back country where there is no doctor and no hospital.


The Villa is the one of the most enchanting places I've visited in the Big Bend and Terlingua.


Terlingua Ghostown &  Big Bend Parks

River Tours


Far Flung Outdoors center got its start here in 1973 and is still operating today amongst multiple outfitters.

Leisure Activities


Golfing, Pool Side Lounging, Sun Bathing, Visiting with the locals, Cigars, Wine and leisurely strolls.

Cultural Sites


There are two ghostowns in the Big Bend, the Terlingua Ghostown and This one, The Villa de la Mina

Birds Safari


The Big Bend is host to a large milieu of wildlife diversity.  Every year many species migrate to here for the summer. Vultures come up from Mexico to clean up all the road kill all summer, and hummingbirds head towards mexico from alaska every november. 

Star Gazing

Dark Skies ordinances can keep these skies clear of light pollution

Horse Tours 


The Big Bend Stables has been trekking around to the most far reaching outposts for over 30+ years 


This privately owned and protected Ghostown was built during the boom of the old Cinnabar Quick Silver mining days in the early 1900s.  The Villa de la Mina was built with local rock, hand-made bricks from crushed rock in a hand-made oven on site, and with limestone cement on the backs of burros and men whom travelled the old mule trail between Marfa and Terlingua to live, build and work at this burgeoning mine. With walls built to withstand a battalion, and a look reminiscent of old Italian villas, this is one of the last fortresses left in South West Texas. 

        The property includes: 20 standing rock buildings with cement foundations, a pool, an extremely large rock and cement & brick water holding tank, the largest mine in the Big Bend & Terlingua area with rail road track going into it.  It is literally an entire little town and village.  There are horse stables, jails, an 8 room 2-story hotel, private rock cabins, a central house used for entertainment, 7 working stone and brick fireplaces, a reptile holding tank, a reinforced-door dynamite shack, a huge outdoor brick and stone oven/grill, 7 building sites with existing retaining walls, a bandstand, a few water tight storage buildings made from rock, there is a great place for a helipad, not to mention the tons of provenance on these 62 acres. 


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